Corey Voss' Debut Album 'Songs Of Heaven & Earth' Available For Preorder Today; Release On Jan 26

Marcus Lundin Jan 05, 2018 06:58 PM EST
Corey VossAlbum cover for Corey Voss' 2018 debut LP 'Songs Of Heaven & Earth.'

Worship leader Corey Voss is releasing his debut full-length album Songs Of Heaven & Earth on Jan. 26. The album is available for preorder today on iTunes and Google Play, as well as streaming on Spotify and Apple Music. Click here for links to each respective service.

The album title, Songs Of Heaven & Earth came up in a conversation with fellow songwriter Ryan Shirley while the two were together in the studio. It reminded Voss of a postcard he had received from a church member, with a prayerful message saying that he had something unique to share with the world-a special mission to bring heaven to earth.

Voss says about the experience, "Our conversation immediately reminded me of that theme and that word I'd been given a long time ago, and so it felt as though I'd come full circle."

While Voss is a relatively new name as a Christian artist, he has over the years worked together with many celebrated songwriters, many of whom share co-writing credits on Songs Of Heaven & Earth. Cowriting credits include, apart from Shirley, country artist Crystal Yates, Dove Award winners Jennie Lee Riddle, Krissy Nordhoff, and Michael Farren, who is also a Grammy Award nominee as well as a fellow worship pastor and mentor.

About his relationship to Farren, Voss says, "I met Michael on my first writing trip to Nashville, and we just hit it off and became friends." Since that time, the two have written, recorded and taught at worship seminars.

Voss explains the process of writing Songs Of Heaven & Earth, "When we sing songs, we are releasing prayers, scriptures and songs of praise that shift and fill the atmosphere with God's presence. So, as I write, I begin by asking the Lord, 'What do Your people need to be singing?'" 

Ultimately, Voss hopes the answer to that question can be heard on Songs Of Heaven & Earth.

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