Debuting Author Jarrett Stephens To Release First Book On Aug. 7, 'The Mountains Are Calling'

Marcus Lundin Aug 01, 2018 03:17 AM EDT
JARRETT STEPHENS/MULTNOMAH Cover of Jarrett Stephens' 2018 debut book The Mountains Are Calling: Making The Climb For a Clearer View of God and Ourselves

Debuting author Jarrett Stephens is gearing up to release his first book on Aug. 7 via Multnomah, The Mountains Are Calling: Making The Climb For a Clearer View of God and Ourselves. Following 18 years of service at one of the largest and most influential churches in the country, Prestonwood Baptist Church, including nine years as the teaching pastor, Stephens is now taking his biblical insights and teachings to Christians across America with his first book.

In the new book, Stephens takes readers to ten mountaintop moments in the Bible where people had an encounter with God. Through these experiences, God revealed his truth and brought his people closer to him.

"From Mount Moriah in the Old Testament to Mount Calvary in the New Testament, God uses mountaintop moments to reveal himself and change our perspective on ourselves," Stephens explains. "It's in encounters like these that God restores our spirits and empowers us to then go down the mountain and follow him."

Though many of the encounters described in his new book occurred in physical locations, Stephens says that we do not need to climb an actual mountain to have a mountaintop experience.

"All we have to do is open our Bibles, begin reading and invite God to speak through his Word," Stephens says. "I am convinced that God loves to give us mountaintop type experiences with him and uses these times to draw us closer to him and propel us forward in our walk with him."

"To read The Mountains Are Calling is one of the best investments you can make for your soul," says Levi Lusko, pastor of Fresh Life Church and bestselling author of Swipe Right and Through the Eyes of a Lion

"Jarrett Stephens charges us not only to take advantage of our mountaintop times with God but also to allow those experiences to permeate our lives and the lives of those around us," Lusko says. "If you have an insatiable desire to understand more about God and who you are in light of him, this book is for you!"

The Mountains Are Calling: Making The Climb For a Clearer View of God and Ourselves releases on Tuesday, Aug. 7, and will be available for purchase at, Barnes & Noble,, and wherever books are sold. More information can be found at the official book website.

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