George Lopez stars in faith-based movie 'Walking with Herb;' on God helping him find humor in 'darkest time'

Tiffany BarnesApr 28, 2021 11:37 PM EDT
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George Lopez, renown actor and comedian and a big star in the forthcoming faith-based movie "Walking with Herb," reveals that his faith in God shaped and guided him through the darkest periods of his life, in an interview with Christian Post.

"Walking with Herb" is exclusively in theaters on April 30, May 1, and May 3 for a limited-three-night engagement of Fathom Events. A comedy film directed by Ross Marks, it stars Edward James Olmos and Kathleen Quinlan, alongside Lopez. Based on the book of the same title by author Joe S. Bullock, this film shows an amateur golfer receives a life-transforming message from a messenger of God on his computer screen as he struggles with a crisis of faith.

Lopez encourages Christian viewers to embrace him in this role and open-mindedly watch this movie of inspiration, knowing his fame in vulgar comedy and mainstream roles on films and television.

"I think people are gonna associate me with the past," says the 60-year-old. "But I think they should disassociate me and watch this with an open mind," Lopez told The Christian Post in a candid interview. "Don't come in with preconceived notions. People can be different."

In "Walking with Herb," the star and host of "Lopez Tonight" and "George Lopez" (comedy sitcom) plays a messenger of God and significantly helps the main character rise to his feet and regain his faith following a tragedy. Lopez did not know his father growing up and he was raised by grand parents. He was an only child with a troubled childhood.

"It wasn't like you had anybody. But what was given to me by God was the ability to find humor in the darkest time," says Lopez. "Freddie Prince was my idol, my hero, and he committed suicide in his darkest time. I was in the 10th grade," he continued. "I knew that morning that he did that, that I wasn't going to do that. I was still in my darkest time, but I used his example of losing his life as a reason for me to want to fulfill the dream that I had of becoming a comedian really, not an actor or voice actor."

"I think that's the beauty of having faith, for me, to see things going well and to stick with it," he encouraged. "If you wake up tomorrow, then you've already been given a gift of seeing things different than today. So we go forward like that."

"The degree of faith is different," Lopez explained. "If you have someone who's a real firm believer and someone who's a maybe medium [believer], you might not ever get that other person to get to that level. But that doesn't mean that having less faith as someone who has a lot of faith is a bad thing."


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