Gospel Artist, Pastor William McDowell Testifies To God's Work In Debut Book 'It's Happening' Releasing On April 17

Marcus Lundin Apr 03, 2018 12:58 AM EDT
William McDowellCover for William McDowell's 2018 debut book It's Happening: A Generation Is Crying Out and Heaven Is Responding.

Renowned worship leader William McDowell is gearing up to release his debut book It's Happening: A Generation Is Crying Out and Heaven Is Responding. The Grammy-nominated and Dove and Stellar Award-winning artist and pastor says the book, which is due out on April 17, is the result of personally witnessing over 150 miracles of physical healing at his church Deeper Fellowship Church in Orlando, Fla.

"We've begun to grow quite a collection at our altar of unusable crutches, wheelchairs, and other medical devices because people are being healed," McDowell said. "The only thing we can say about what's happening among us specifically is that God made a sovereign decision to show us favor."

McDowell says the book documents the healing, supernatural breakthroughs and salvation that have taken place at his church and what God has revealed to him about "pouring out his spirit in revival." The book also examines biblical accounts where people cry out for revival, inviting readers to "stop praying for revival," but rather posture themselves as "catalysts for spreading it."

The debuting author says it all started after reading a book by Tommy Tenney called The God Chasers, following a recommendation by his pastor at the time, when a hunger for revival was awakened inside McDowell. After reading only a few chapters, he put the book down and went to his room and began to cry out to God to have an encounter with him.

Since then, he explains, he has cried out earnestly for revival to break out. McDowell says he and his congregation had one specific prayer-to see a move of God. Their first official act as a group was to take a map of the City of Orlando and shed tears over it.

"We wept over our city-and asked God for revival. God heard our cries, and He is responding," McDowell said. "I will not stop until I see revival across the nation and around the world. I am going to weep for it, cry out for it, pray for it, fast for it, wait for it, and live in anticipation of it."

The book, which will be available on April 17 at Amazon.com, features a cover quote by Elevation Church pastor and New York Times best-selling author Steven Furtick, who says, "McDowell is... walking evidence that the move of God isn't coming IT'S HAPPENING!"

For more information about William McDowell, please visit his official website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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