Husband-Wife Duo David & Nicole Binion Releases New Album 'Dwell: A Live Worship Experience'

Marcus Lundin Aug 04, 2018 02:54 PM EDT
DAVID & NICOLE BINION/INTEGRITY MUSIC Cover for David & Nicole Binion's 2918 live worship album Dwell (A Live Worship Experience).

Husband-and-wife duo David & Nicole Binion on Friday released their new album, Dwell: A Live Worship Experience, on Integrity Music. The 14-track album is described as an immersion in Spirit-sensitive, multi-cultural, and multi-generational worship and features a slew of stellar guest performances.

Recorded live at TBN's Dallas studios where the Binions serve as guest hosts for the network's "Praise!" program, Dwell invites worshipers to do as the title implies, to put aside distractions and dwell in the presence of God. 

In typical David & Nicole Binion music and ministry fashion, the new project is a product of collaboration, creative excellence, and decades of servant-leadership. Woven through every track on the album, listeners will be able to experience those Binion trademarks with guest performances by Tasha Cobbs Leonard, William McDowell, Travis Greene, BJ Putnam, and The Binions' 17-year-old daughter and fellow Integrity artist, MDSN (Madison Grace Binion).

Produced by David Binion and Daniel Lopez, the Binions' latest project features songs penned by the couple themselves, along with MDSN, Mitch Wong, Michael Farren, Krissy Nordhoff, Aaron Lindsey, Jacob Sooter, and Josh DuFrene, among others.

Passionate about bringing together people from all walks of life for the creative process, and to simply "soak in" and respond to the presence of God, the Binions' longing for God's presence and fellowship with one another is apparent on Dwell. Songs such as "My Soul Follows (feat. Travis Greene)," "Be Still and Know (feat. Calvin Nowell)," and "Hunger (feat. MDSN)," aims to speak to the need for God in what the duo describes as "an age of disillusionment."

"To dwell in God's presence is a state of the heart," David Binion says. "It's not about where you are physically; you can 'dwell' in the presence of God in church, at your desk, in your prayer closet, in your car. It's about a hunger for the things of God and for His presence; the need to soak, be transformed and empowered to change our world."

Dwell: A Live Worship Experience, is available to stream and purchase everywhere now, with links to the most popular digital music platforms available here.

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Click below to watch the official live video for "My Soul Follows (feat. Travis Greene)," or click here to watch the video on YouTube:

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