Are Riley Clemmons's "Broken Prayers" Getting Answered? Debut Single Resonates With Millions

Marcus Lundin Mar 10, 2018 06:48 PM EST
Riley ClemmonsCover for Riley Clemmons's 2018 debut single "Broken Prayers."

18-year old singer-songwriter Riley Clemmons who debuted this year with her single "Broken Prayers," has been resonating with listeners who have viewed and streamed her song over two million times. On Thursday she released a new piano version of the song, including an accompanying music video.

The Nashville singer's debut single skyrocketed at radio upon its release in early 2018, with the music video for "Broken Prayers" on YouTube having earned almost one and a half million views and over one million listens on Spotify.

In a video, Clemmons explains the story behind the song:

 "The song 'Broken Prayers' came truly from a place of brokenness, and that feeling of having to get yourself together and bring the best and most picture-perfect version of yourself to God," Clemmons explains. "Basically, not feeling like the broken pieces are good enough for God."

She continues, "The song it came from a place of truly finding peace in the fact that God takes you at your most broken, at your lowest place, at your roughest. Not only does he take you there, but he delights in it and he genuinely loves you in that place."

Celebrating the milestone, Clemmons on Thursday released a piano version of "Broken Prayers" featuring a cello accompaniment. The music video is available for viewing below:

On social media, fans have quickly embraced the new version of the song, with one user, Ashley, commenting, "Absolutely beautiful! This songs speaks such volume to me. Thank you for your beautiful heart, soul and voice. I love you!"

Another commenter, Hannah, writes, "Both versions are beautiful but something about the sound of the cello and piano [is] beautiful with your voice it is just raw which makes it beautiful. I love the message behind this song."

Clemmons is currently touring with the Social Club Misfits on their "Into The Night Tour." The full tour schedule and tickets can be found at the singer's official website, with additional information on her Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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