Jor'Dan Armstrong Releases New EP 'BLSD,' First Of Three Parts Planned For 2018

Marcus Lundin Jul 07, 2018 01:25 PM EDT
JOR'DAN ARMSTRONGCover for Jor'Dan Armstrong's 2018 EP BLSD.

Gospel artist Jor'Dan Armstrong on Friday released his latest EP, BLSD (part 1), the first of three new EPs the artist has planned for 2018. The new 6-track album follows his previous EP, Vibes, which achieved No. 15 on gospel charts, with its lead single, "So Much Luv," peaking at No. 15 at radio.

Titled BLSD, the new EP's title is short for "blessed," giving listeners an immediate hint of what the album is all about. Drawing inspiration from his own life, BLSD gives listeners a nostalgic look back at Armstrong's upbringing and the sounds and experiences he had growing up in Baton Rouge, La.

"I named this project BLSD ('Blessed') because if someone were to ask me to describe my life in one word it would be 'Blessed,'" Armstrong explains. "Good times and bad times my answer still remains 'Blessed.' BLSD is three parts, each one telling a story. I can't wait to take the listeners on this journey with me."

For this latest project, Armstrong enlisted the help of fellow artists Bizzle, 1kPhew, Yanna Crawley, Lowell Pye (Men Of Standard) and many more. All three EPs are produced by Armstrong and a team of talented producers, including Jeshua "TedyP" Williams, Darius Scott, Tracksion, and JuiceBangers for COBRA.

In an interview with Rolling Out, Armstrong talks about his gospel roots and what sets his music apart, saying he comes from a long line of singers and musicians and that he strives for a sound that he describes as "very mainstream" but at the same time "current and innovative."

"I believe that none of the 'greats' played it safe," Armstrong explains. "No one in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame played it safe. Multi-Grammy Award-winning producer/songwriter Quincy Jones didn't play it safe; neither did Michael Jackson. To be the best, you must push yourself to take the risk."

BLSD (part 1) is available for streaming and download everywhere now, including iTunes and Spotify.

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