Miracles - Song Story With Chris Quilala (Jesus Culture)

Ashley CarsonMay 10, 2017 12:21 PM EDT
Jesus CultureJesus Culture Music has unveiled another live recording album and this time, it is entitled “Let It Echo.”

This is song story of 'Miracles' by Chris Quilala. (Jesus Culture) 

My wife and I, we lost our son, as many as you know back in December. While we were believing for a miracle, things didn't quite turn out how we had expected."

But for us the journey ahead of us was "Can we still proclaim the truth that God is our healer, that God is the God that raises the dead, that God is good?" And so as we'd continued on.

From losing our son it was really important for us to keep the truth of who God is in front of us so we started writing songs and this song is about God's miracle and power.

For us it's really important to proclaim that even though we didn't see quite what we had expected and what we were praying for...we still know that it's true. I know many of you guys were on that journey with us so for me it feels like this song sort of a victory for all of us. These are your songs too.

Watch the song story with Chris Quilala and Live Performance of Miracles by Jesus Culture. 







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