Pat Barrett Announces Self-Titled Full Length Solo Debut Album 'Pat Barrett' Releasing On July 20

Marcus Lundin Jun 05, 2018 08:17 PM EDT
PAT BARRETT/CAPITOL CMGCover for Pat Barrett's 2018 self-titled full-length solo debut album.

Singer-songwriter Pat Barrett is announcing the release of his self-titled full-length solo debut album releasing on July 20. The new album, featuring collaborations with among others Steffany Gretzinger and Amanda Cook, is the follow-up to his self-titled EP that released in April and is the first to release on Grammy Award-winning Chris Tomlin's imprint record label, Bowyer & Bow, where Barret is recognized as the flagship artist.

Featuring a collection of twelve tracks curated by Barrett and Tomlin, who narrowed down from nearly 55 songs, Pat Barrett contains thoughtful, worshipful and what Barrett describes as "personally challenging tracks." The debut radio single from the album, "The Way (New Horizon)" is currently climbing the charts at radio and is in the Top 20 of the National Christian Audience chart. 

"It felt like there was an immediacy to the songs selected," Barrett explains. "At the moment, these are the songs that have affected my perspective. [They've] brought wholeness in the way I view my family. These are the songs that have helped me trust more and love more deeply..."

"The ones that have impacted me the most were the ones I was most excited to share," Barrett continues. "I'm at the mercy of the moment in a lot of ways with writing. If I'm going through change, I'm probably going to write about change. If I'm worrying about how financially things are going to work in the future, I'll probably write about that."

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Pat Barrett LP Track-Listing:

1.  Into Faith I Go

2.  God Is So Good (You Are Worthy)

3.  The Way (New Horizon)

4.  Everything Is Sacred

5.  Better

6.  My Hallelujah

7,  Be Still My Soul

8.  Build My Life

9.  Hymn Of The Holy Spirit

10. Sparrows And Lilies

11. Sing To The Lord (Banner)

12. Sails (feat. Steffany Gretzinger & Amanda Cook)

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