Perry LaHaie Reports on Worldwide Phenomenon Of Muslim Dreams & Visions of Jesus

Press ReleaseAug 07, 2017 06:09 PM EDT
Perry LaHaieOn his latest album, Ahead, LaHaie encourages believers to share the gospel by going "... as far ahead as you can see."

Singer/songwriter and morning drive-time radio host Perry LaHaie has a long-held passion for bringing the gospel to the Muslim world through his work with Frontiers, an international community of people dedicated to inviting Muslims all over the world to follow Jesus.

With his background in both broadcast journalism and ministry, LaHaie is uniquely positioned to share the worldwide reports of Christ appearing to Muslims in dreams and visions.

"I've been collecting stories of what God has been doing in the Muslim world over the last ten years," LaHaie explains, "and I keep running headlong into these stories again and again and again. I personally have interviewed Muslim background believers in Jesus who have had a dream or a vision of Jesus."

On his latest website blog at, LaHaie explores from a biblical perspective why this worldwide phenomenon is happening. "That Jesus is revealing himself to Muslims in this way is clearly a message to Muslims. The message from Jesus to Muslims is, 'I love you. I want you in my family!'"

"I also believe it is happening because Muslims don't have access to God's word...So these dreams and visions are creating a hunger to find out more about Jesus in the Bible. They are a bridge to the gospel."

"But at the end of the day," LaHaie says, "I believe that this phenomenon is as much a message to you and me who are followers of Jesus as it is to Muslims." LaHaie believes that Jesus is saying to us through these dreams and visions, "Look what I'm doing. Don't be afraid! Join me!"

"It's time for you and me to push past any fears and prejudices we may have to reach the Muslim world," says LaHaie.

LaHaie is using his blog, in addition to his radio show, "Cast Yourself In," speaking engagements and media appearances, to encourage believers to reach out to the Muslim world and share the joy, forgiveness, healing and hope that is available to all through faith in Christ. 

"95% of western missionaries go to the places in the world where the church already exists," says LaHaie. "It breaks my heart when I realize that I've heard the gospel hundreds of times and yet there are masses of people that haven't heard it once. I believe it's time for a reset; it's time to go where the church isn't, where there aren't any believers. It's time to finish the Great Commission."

"We may be on the precipice of a massive harvest of souls in the Muslim world," LaHaie muses. "Or maybe not, if we don't act now." 

In addition to being a singer/songwriter and radio personality, LaHaie is a sought-after guest who has appeared on a number of national and international television shows, including the Cornerstone Television Network's flagship show, "Real Life," and LeSea Broadcasting's "The Harvest Show."

For more information on Perry LaHaie and his current CD, Ahead, visit, or follow him on Facebook (, Twitter (@perry_lahaie) and his website blog (

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