Rapper Tyrone Crawford To Release New Single "Hope" On Sept. 14

Marcus Lundin Sep 07, 2018 01:51 AM EDT
TYRONE CRAWFORD/WIEROK ENTERTAINMENT Cover for Tyrone Crawford's 2018 single "Hope"

Christian rapper Tyrone Crawford has announced the release of his latest single, "Hope," on Sept. 14 on WieRok Entertainment. The new track is part of a series of singles planned for release every few months through 2019, comprising the artist's first body of work on his new label of releases that speak a message of hope and accountability to those in need of a lifeline.

"Tyrone Crawford has done an incredible job of maintaining his consistent message of hope, encouragement, unity and Christian accountability as he embraces the new levels of creativity," says WieRok Entertainment CEO Lance Wieland.

Speaking about the story behind his upcoming single, "Hope," Crawford says, "With so much negativity, pain, and hardship going on in the world I wanted to lead people to have hope in Christ through it all."

Reflecting on his life as a teenager, Crawford says he was that person in need of a lifeline. His mother's drug addiction and father's absence made risky situations a part of daily life. By age 18 he says he was just about to head down the wrong path as well.

However, his coming of age had exposed Crawford to a new force--homegrown rap music. He started to record tracks, mimicking the rappers he admired--writing songs about money he did not have and cars he could not afford.

When Crawford's cousin invited him to a church youth event, he went without much expectation, but the experience changed everything. That night he gave his life to Christ and began making dramatic changes in his life, including finding new callings. He joined the military and began a successful career with the Air Force, all the while pursuing music.

"When I get on stage, I want to plant and water seeds, and I want lives to be changed, like mine was," Tyrone says. "That's my ultimate goal. If you're not getting the message in my music, I'm not doing my job. I want people to leave saying 'this guy was preaching in his music.'"

Previously, Crawford has released five albums, with one charting at No. 1 as the Best-Selling Christian Rap CD on Amazon.com's music charts. He has also collaborated with artists such as K-nine, Mr. Del, KDrama, and Young Noah.

Fans can catch a sneak peek of Crawford's upcoming releases in a mashup on SoundCloud available here. In addition to "Hope," the mashup also includes glimpses of the tracks "Running," and "Forever."

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