Singer-Songwriter Latrese Releases New Single "Rest In Love," Talks About Musical Journey

Marcus Lundin May 10, 2018 10:42 PM EDT
LATRESECover for Latrese's 2018 single "Rest In Love."

On Thursday, independent artist and singer-songwriter Latrese released her latest single "Rest In Love." The new song is currently being serviced to Christian INSPO and AC-formatted radio outlets.

Passionately speaking about the new release, Latrese says, "I am excited for my new single to be out. Music has always been an avenue that God used to speak to my heart."

"When I was younger, I noticed that the lyrics to my favorite songs seemed to mirror my own emotions," explains Latrese. "It was during this time that I discovered my heart's desire was to become an instrument of God's love and to offer compassion to others through songs, the same way that music had brought healing and restoration to me."

Among her musical influences, Latrese counts artists and songwriters ranging from Rachael Lampa and For King and Country to Ed Sheeran and Adele, gravitating to "music with meaning," she explains."These artists' influences have been an inspiration that helped to spark the flame of her own passion for music," says Latrese.

Her musical journey could be said to have started in middle school when she became part of the school chorus, followed by singing solos in church and school competitions. At age 19, Latrese started volunteering at concerts with Creation Concerts, where she says she experienced a feeling of true belonging. She recalls talking to God on her knees, saying, "God, everyone has told me that I am going to be a singer, but what do you say? Is this your will for me?"

"His voice was loud and clear to me that day," Latrese reminisce. "He told me that it was His will for me and that He would lead and guide my footsteps."

Although having faced moments of doubts and frustrations while waiting for God's plan to unfold, Latrese says she has continued to trust God and wait for his direction.

"With each new step," she says, "His plan is being revealed on my beautiful musical journey."

Find out more about Latrese at her official websiteFacebookTwitter, and Instagram, and click below to listen to the official audio for "Rest In Love":

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