Singer-Songwriter Michael Edmonds Signs With INOV8 Music For Upcoming Projects

Marcus Lundin Sep 05, 2018 01:36 AM EDT

Singer-songwriter and recording artist Michael Edmonds recently announced that he has signed with INOV8 Music for his upcoming projects. The new partnership is the first in a series of career changes for Edmonds who is also relocating to Nashville, Tenn.

Having been in music ministry for over two decades, Edmonds says he has a focused vision for his calling, to draw the lost to a forgiving God by exalting the name of Jesus and be a reflection of His love and compassion. To pursue a music career, Edmonds overcame a challenging childhood in Queens, New York, including being raised by parents who were addicted to drugs and his mother dying of AIDS when she was only 28.

"I signed my first record deal when I was 16 with a label out of New York," Edmonds says. "One day, when I was on the train coming from the studio, I felt God pulling on my heart telling me, 'I didn't call you to do this. You are supposed to do this for my Kingdom.' I told the label I wasn't doing this anymore and walked away. By the grace of God, I never heard from them again."

The calling to sing for the Lord has brought Edmonds to the stage of the legendary Apollo Theater in New York. He has also appeared on numerous local and national TV and radio shows, won multiple national music awards, and also released the Top 5 single, "Overcome the World."

Most recently, Edmonds has appeared on Cornerstone TV Network's "Real Life 360" and on "Friends & Neighbors" on Atlanta Live Studios, which airs nationally on the NRB Network and several other broadcast stations.

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