St. Louis Area Band The Great Romance Releases New Single "Bigger Than The Odds" To Radio

Marcus Lundin Mar 22, 2018 01:04 PM EDT
The Great RomanceMatt Vollmar, lead singer and frontman of The Great Romance.

St. Louis area rock band The Great Romance has just released their new single "Bigger Than The Odds" to Christian INSPO/Soft AC and Christian AC radio. The song is inspired by the story of a family whose baby died when she was only two months old and follows their single "Stolen Me" and their most recent project, the EP Who You Are.

The Great Romance frontman Matt Vollmar explains the story behind the new song, "In the midst of this tragedy, the family handed it all to God. Through the song, I want people to understand that we serve a God who is in control. And even if He doesn't fix a situation, He will get you through it because He is bigger than anything you might come up against."

Drawing praise from radio listeners, "Bigger Than The Odds" has become a popular track at radio. At 90.9 The Vine - WVYN, General Manager Randy Olson, says it is "...a powerful song with a message that reminds us about God's love and faithfulness in our life. Although we may not lose a child, there will come a time when we face unspeakable tragedy in our life or an uphill battle that weighs us down and potentially breaks our spirit.

"This song reinforces the fact that God is 'Bigger than the Odds,'" Olson says, "and the Bible tells that He will never leave us or forsake us. This exceptional track by The Great Romance ... is very well received,".

At New Life Media, Music Director Joe Buchanan adds, "Big radio hits from independent artists are almost nonexistent. However, 'Bigger Than The Odds' was actually much bigger than the odds."

"Not only has it performed extremely well among our listeners, the response was immediate," Buchanan says. "Our listeners love this song and continue to share story after story of how God has used it to give them courage and hope during life's most difficult storms. Sure, songs from independent artists can be risky, but this is a risk I'm so glad we took!"

Vollmar says The Great Romance takes its name from the relationship between Christ and the church, "Jesus Christ, as our Savior, is the greatest romance of our lives."

To find out more about The Great Romance, visit the band's official website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can listen to "Bigger Than The Odds" via YouTube below:

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