Tenth Avenue North Debuts Heartfelt New Video For No. 1 Single "Control (Somehow You Want Me)"

Marcus Lundin Feb 01, 2018 04:37 PM EST
Tenth Avenue North

On Wednesday, Tenth Avenue North debuted the new music video for their No. 1 single "Control (Somehow You Want Me)." The single is the group's third No. 1 single on Billboard's Christian Airplay chart and twelfth Top 10 radio single overall.

Speaking about the single, Tenth Avenue North frontman Mike Donehey explains, "What if I told you God doesn't need you, He wants you? What If I told you that your loveliness to God doesn't rise and fall with your usefulness to God? God doesn't need us to be successful, He wants us to be surrendered."

In the music video, the band displays footage from family life and past tours, where members had to spend as much as 190 days away from family and how this brought about the need for the band to surrender, not only the band, but all "Control" to God. 

The video begins with Donehey explaining on behalf of the band, "Nobody ever wants to have to make the choice, your family or your career. But two years ago that was exactly the choice we had to make."

He continues, "We realized in order to be the husbands and fathers that we needed to be, we had to cut way back on how much time we spent on the road. We might even have to quit. But as difficult as that might be, we knew we could not sacrifice our families on the altar of ministry."

The video goes on to tie the message of the song together with pictures of intimate family and ministry moments and the band members' heartfelt desire to surrender it all to God.

"So we gave up the band and God gave it back. But now we're doing it so much differently. We're doing it knowing God doesn't need us to be successful, He just wants us to be surrendered," Donehey concludes in the video.

You can watch the music video below:

Simultaneously with the video release, the group is running the #ControlCampaign on social media asking people to submit their own stories of what they've had or need to surrender to God.

The video comes just ahead of an upcoming 20-city tour with Grammy-nominated artist MercyMe. For complete tour dates, please see the end of this article.

For more information about Tenth Avenue North, please visit the official website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

MercyMe Tenth Avenue North Live Dates:

02/16/2018    West Lafayette, IN

02/17/2018    Columbus, OH

02/18/2018    Saginaw, MI

02/22/2018    Corpus Christi, TX

02/23/2018    Sugar Land. TX

02/24/2018    Grand Prairie ,TX

02/25/2018    Cedar Park, TX

03/02/2018    Atlanta, GA

03/03/2018    Birmingham, AL

03/04/2018    Nashville, TN

03/08/2018    Lowell, MA

03/09/2018    Wilkes Barre, PA

03/10/2018    Philadelphia, PA

03/11/2018    Newark, NJ

04/05/2018    Omaha, NE

04/06/2018    Tulsa, OK

04/07/2018    St Louis, MO

04/08/2018    Grand Rapids, MI

04/12/2018    Des Moines, IA

04/13/2018    Minneapolis, MN

04/14/2018    Duluth, MN

04/15/2018    Sioux Falls, SD

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