Blanca radiates confidence on her fresh song, “New Day.”

Blanca- New Day
Blanca- New Day |

Available this Friday, 7/15, Blanca radiates confidence on her fresh song, “New Day.” Unbreakable, the songstress shakes off the critics and steps into new mercies as she charts a course all her own with a good deal of grit and determination. A blend of pulsating hip-hop beats and a soulful groove, the pulls-no-punches selection welcomes five-time GRAMMY nominee Jekalyn Carr on the second verse. Together, the two powerhouse vocalists make a bold statement: They’re not settling, and good things are coming their way. The aggressive track previews Blanca’s album, The Heartbreak And The Healing, due Sept. 23, 2022.

Blanca’s third full-length studio album, The Heartbreak And The Healing (available Sept. 23, 2022), offers two sides of the same story — the hurt and the redemption. Written in the wake of a painful divorce, the songstress vulnerably cracks her heart wide open on the all new 14-track collection that beautifully showcases the merger of her unstoppable voice and her transparent lyricism. A diverse fusion of pop, Latin, hip-hop and Gospel, the LP follows Blanca on a journey of self-discovery as she rises from the ashes stronger and more empowered than ever before.