Heartwarming family film, "47 Days With Jesus" available now on DVD & digital, just in time for Father’s Day

"Forty-Seven Days With Jesus"
"Forty-Seven Days With Jesus" |

LOS ANGELES, CALIF–  Reel Big Studios, Vero Entertainment and Pinnacle Peak Pictures (God’s Not Dead) 47 Days with Jesus is now available on DVD and for purchase on digital platforms distributed through Mill Creek Entertainment just in time for Father's Day. The inspirational drama stars The Chosen’s Yoshi Barrigas and Catherine Lidstone and is available for purchase at top retailers, including Walmart.com, and AmazoniTunes,.
See what critics have said about the Dove-approved family film that garnered an IMDb ranking of 8.1:
 “FORTY-SEVEN DAYS WITH JESUS is good family viewing, presents a general historical overview of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and nicely builds into a moving, inspiring ending that promotes repentance, forgiveness and living out one’s Christian faith.” -Movieguide
“Forty-Seven Days With Jesus is a unique experience, part musical and part family drama, containing a memorable portrayal of Jesus' life that reminds us of its applicability in our own daily lives.” - The Independent Critic
“Completely Family-Friendly, this little Film That Can offers something for everyone.”- Splash Magazine

“Forty-Seven Days with Jesus is a film the entire family can watch together that provides opportunities for conversations about Jesus, His life and why we place our faith & trust in Him.” -Today’s Christian Entertainment


47 with Jesus tells the heartwarming tale centered on the Burdon family, led by Joseph (Yoshi Barrigas) and Juliana (Catherine Lidstone). When the Burdons attend a reunion at Poppa and Nonna’s ranch, they realize just how disconnected their family has become. Facing marital hiccups, teenaged angst and Poppa's health hurdles, the adults decide to share Poppa's enchanting ’47 Days’ story with the kids, transporting us back in time to see the miracles of Jesus' final 47 days on Earth. When an unexpected business opportunity places Joseph at a crossroads, his commitment to his family is tested. Can the Burdons pull together in the face of uncertainty? With Poppa's tale as their guide, they embark on a journey towards unity and rediscover the true essence of walking in faith.

Featuring an unforgettable original soundtrack, 47 Days with Jesus contains a powerful portrayal of Jesus' life that reminds us all of The Gospel’s enduring impact.

Alongside Barrigas and Lidstone, 47 Days with Jesus also stars Cameron Arnett (Overcomer) and Joshua Triplett (Grey’s Anatomy). The film is directed by Emilio Palame and David M. Gutel who also wrote the film with the Executive Producer Rolland Jacks. Palame is producing alongside Donald Nguyen and Kristen Brancaccio for Reel Big Studios in conjunction with Vero Entertainment. Words and music written by Jacks, arrangements and orchestration by Palame (Nickelodeon’s Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide), vocal arrangements/production by Grammy Award-winner Darlene Koldenhoven (Sister Act 1 & 2) and underscore composed by Palame, Guy Moon and Michael O’Neill.