“Jesus Christ Over Everything” is now available from Canyon Hills Worship

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Los Angeles, CA (March 29th, 2024) - Canyon Hills Worship releases their new song “Jesus Christ Over Everything” (DREAM Worship) available today on all digital retail and streaming service providers worldwide.  The 2-song bundle comes with both a live version featuring Michael Monroe and a studio version featuring Ellisha Carter.  The song was written by Michael Monroe, Bethany Wohrie and Bay Turner and was produced by David Neuman and Michael Monroe.  In addition to the release, the multi-single will be released in both standard definition and Apple Digital Master high definition formats.

“It feels like every day we are inundated with how this world is hurting—how everything is falling apart.  It’s easy to become overwhelmed and afraid.  It’s easy to lose focus of the victory that we walk in.  Jesus already won the battle over this broken world! Jesus already defeated sin and shame!  Jesus is ruler of all—over everything!  Be encouraged.

I hope this song helps you and your church focus on the one who is ever everything—JESUS CHRIST.”  - Michael Monroe, Canyon Hills Worship

Listen to or Buy “Jesus Christ Over Everything” here.