Linda Boles releases "The Missionary" to Christian radio

Linda Boles - "The Missionary"
Linda Boles - "The Missionary" |

Nashville, TN (April 23, 2024) - Linda Boles is excited to announce the release of her inspiring single, "The Missionary," to Christian Soft AC and Inspirational radio stations. This heartfelt composition, produced by Andy Baker of Homegrown Worship, reflects Linda’s deep-rooted faith and commitment to musical ministry.

"The Missionary" vividly narrates the tale of a devoted servant of faith, who begins his day with prayer and an open heart to guide lost souls. The lyrics explore themes of service and compassion, as the protagonist sets aside his own needs to care for others, a true embodiment of Christian teachings. Through poignant storytelling, Linda sings, "He laid his head upon it as once again he prayed," capturing the essence of sacrificial love and dedication.

The song builds a bridge between daily struggles and spiritual fulfillment, urging listeners to find their own ways to serve and connect with a higher purpose. Produced with the refined touch of Andy Baker, known for his work with Homegrown Worship, the single combines compelling lyrics with soul-stirring melodies that aim to resonate with audiences seeking solace and inspiration.

Linda Boles, with her unique blend of musical influences from bluegrass to folk, continues to engage and uplift her listeners with songs that are not only heard but deeply felt. "The Missionary" invites its audience into a narrative that celebrates the transformative power of faith and the impact of following a divine calling.

Join Linda in embracing the powerful message of "The Missionary," a song that promises to uplift, inspire, and remind us of the profound impact of living a life in service to others and to God.

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