Plumb Returns With New Single 'God Help Me'

Cover for Plumb's 2017 single "God Help Me." | Plumb

On Friday, Plumb launched the next chapter of her career, releasing her new single "God Help Me." The song, produced by Jeremy Redmon (Big Daddy Weave), has already found a place on radio, being added out of the box to Air 1 Radio Network, and gaining support with music programmers across the country.

After the runaway success of two consecutive albums - Need You Now (2012) and Exhale (2015) - that combined for over 300,000 album sales and millions of singles sold and streamed, an impressive authorial debut (memoir Need You Now - A Story of Hope, now in its fourth pressing), and close to 300 tour dates in 3 years (including 120+ with Big Daddy Weave in 2016), Plumb took some much deserved time in late 2016 and early 2017 to recharge and spend time with her family. 

And yet, as is so often the case, it was down time with her family that gave inspiration for beginning it all anew.

"I've said the words 'God Help Me' so many times the last year and a half of my life," reflects Plumb. "'God Help Me' to be obedient, to help when I've wanted to give up from the frustrations of career and parenting and marriage, whatever. I've taught my kids that when they are stuck or scared and don't know what to say, they can just look to Jesus.  They simply say 'God Help Me'."

"Help me to move, help me to see

Help me to do whatever you would ask of me 

Help me to go (Or) God help me to stay 

I'm feeling so alone here 

And I know that You're faithful but I can barely breathe 

God help me"

She continues, "I find some of favorite songs are prayers that can be screamed at the top of your lungs. 'Need You Now' was that way a bit, so was 'Lord I'm Ready Now.' 'God Help Me' is most definitely like that. He always listens. He is always there."

Plumb's "God Help Me" is available everywhere today.