The Afters release a new song "God Is With Us"

The Afters - "God Is With Us"
The Afters - "God Is With Us" |

NASHVILLE, TN - A new song, "God Is With Us" is available from the chart-topping award-winning band, The Afters. Their newest single addresses a hard question that most people ask at some point in their lives. Putting words to the moments when you can’t see, feel, or fully understand God comes not only from the band's personal stories but from the hope that can be found in God’s promise, that He will never leave us. Listen to the new song here. "Through all the years that we've toured as a band, we've heard people share their stories of brokenness and loss, and one question that we've heard again and again is ‘Where is God in this story?’ I believe that God isn't afraid of our questions," shares The Afters lead singer Josh Havens. "Our loss, our hurt, the hard things we go through...those things are precious to God. And he has promised to be with us in every single moment of our life. He's not going to leave us, he will never forsake us, and that's where we can find the hope we need during our hardest times." 

The Afters have released six albums that have included the hit singles "Light Up The Sky," "Well Done," and "Moments Like This." They have toured extensively including vast global outreach with the Billy Graham Evangelical Association. Over their career, the band has developed a robust domestic and international audience, with more than 1 billion career streams. They have also experienced great success at CCM radio with nine singles in the top 15 over their career including six No.1’s. With multiple GMA Dove award wins and song placements on shows like “Dancing With The Stars,” “American Ninja Warrior,” “FoxSports,” and “American Idol”, it’s the band’s ability to write the perfect blend of positive, hopeful lyrics with catchy melodies that keeps listeners across the world engaged song after song.

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