Trampolines drives home the urgency of work fighting trafficking and suffering with "Emergency"

Trampolines - "Emergency"
Trampolines - "Emergency" |

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE — Trampolines is driving home the urgency of their work fighting human trafficking and providing global relief with “Emergency.” The latest single from the EDM-meets-rock band features collaborators Zaq Monroe and Michael Erhart, both of whom have spent time ministering on the road with Trampolines for the past year. The single is available to stream now on all major streaming platforms, which you can find at

“The idea for the lyrics came from wanting to be crystal clear about the subjects that we are seeing firsthand with human trafficking and relief missions that we're doing — the tragedies around the world,” Trampolines co-leader Lane Terzieff explains. “It's definitely abrasive, and it might be shocking to people when they hear some of the lyrics. But we wanted to be so clear on this wake-up call. God calls us to care for these terrible tragedies around the world. This is an emergency.”

“This is an emergency
We’ve got murder, rape, and lies
God my eyes on eternity
Watching American dreams go by.”

The weight of the lyrics is buoyed up by an infectious electronic pop beat mixed with just a little punk rock crunch, creating a genre-bending blend. This style is supported by newly rising musicians Zaq Monroe and Michael Erhart. “Emergency” delivers a potent sonic punch, serving as an alarm clock for an apathetic world. The music video was filmed in Times Square, which could well be seen as the epicenter of the alluring American dream.

Trampolines, a duo led by husband and wife Lane and Cary Terzieff, has been donating 100% of the band’s proceeds to fuel their missions work around the world. This year, those efforts have included work providing aid to war-torn regions in Ukraine as well as anti-trafficking efforts. Trampolines has founded a nonprofit, UNIT+E, to rally likeminded hearts passionate for walking out the mandate to be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ.

“A lot of times people will say, ‘if you're giving all your money away, what if there's an emergency?’ And the idea is, you're telling me that a 10-year-old girl being sold for sex is not an emergency,” Lane Terzieff asserts. “You're telling me that thousands of people starving in Ethiopia is not an emergency. But it is.”

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