Blanca's 'Who I Am' Best Exemplifies Singer's Mission Statement; Says She Wants to Leave an 'Impact on People's Lives' [INTERVIEW PART 2]


Blanca, a powerful Christian singer who just released her new album, knows the power music has its listeners and makes sure to focus on her own message in her songs. Yesterday, BREATHEcast introduced the singer and her album, and in part we discuss her heart and passion. (Read part one here).

Blanca shared that music is an amazing experience because it holds the power to change lives. "It blows me away when you go and do a show and you realize through music somehow it opens up people's hearts to share their story and be moved by what you're doing."

She continued, "I don't know, I think music is just something that will always be there and is kind of like a common ground for everyone and it moves you and has the capability of opening up your heart and allowing you to receive something you wouldn't receive any other way. That's why I feel it's super powerful and to be able to do what I do."

The singer said she wants to do something that's bigger than herself, and wants to leave an impact on people's lives. "I feel like music is the best tool to do it because you grab people and you get their attention whether it's through a beat or just a lyric. Next thing you know they are listening to the message of the song. It's like letting them see through a whole other lens."

(Photo : Official Blanca)

There is much chaos going on in the world. Everyday the news is talking about racial tensions, criminal activity, natural disasters, and scandals. The news almost becomes a harbinger of fear. Blanca says there is only one place to look.

"I feel like the drama of life will always be there, it's not going away anytime soon. There's going to be trials, there's going to be tribulations, but what a beautiful thing it is to find out hope in Christ," she said. "For me I'm choosing. It's an everyday choice, I'm present, and in the moment, and love my family and do things that are bigger than me, leave an impact and draw people to the Lord. Finding ways to connect with people in your community in whatever outlet, through social media, or whatever it is."

Blanca then offered some advice, and said to make sure "you stand for something and bring hope to people as well." She thinks it is good to keep up with the things that are happening around us, which is what she does.

"I know there have been many times in my life where my own problems or what I'm living with right now in the moment can overshadow what else is going in the world whether it's earthquakes or racial tensions in these inner cities or whatever it is."

It is clear Blanca has a heart for people, and even more so a heart for things of the Lord. She revealed that her songs each contain a little part of her heart and spread a little bit of the message she is trying to push through.

She said that while all the songs are her "babies," "Who I Am" is perhaps the song that best exemplifies her mission statement as an artist.

"What I want to leave with people is to be real, be true, be whatever God has called you to be," Blanca shared. "I feel like authenticity and realness is so needed. Sometimes insecurities and fear allows us to not be good enough. We have to change this or change that in order to be successful in whatever the case is. You're enough right now, not when everything is perfect, you know these things are different. But right now God says you are enough. I know it's something I struggled with, feeling like I was the oddball out, I have that thing that made me feel different or just not enough."

She continued, "That's a song [Who I Am] that really captured my heart and what I want people to leave with whether you are female, whether you're a guy, we all are going through something but man, knowing that you're fearfully and beautifully made and that God is calling you to something...reminds yourself of those truths."

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Blanca's self-titled album came out on May 4 and landed in the top 10 of Billboard's Christian charts. Her lead single "Who I Am" also reached No. 1 on the Billboard Hot AC Christian chart.

To learn more about Blanca, her upcoming shows, and music, visit her official site here and Facebook.